Exact Online Scan and Recognize

From 40 to 300 invoices per hour with Exact Online “Scan and Recognize”

An experienced bookkeeper processes an average of 40 invoices per hour. Quick? No, because with Scan and Recognize you process no less than 300 per hour.

If you are using Scan and Recognize, then you are in fact already working with Lyanthe. Moreover, Lyanthe is the only 100% integrated solution for automated invoice processing in Exact Online.

Exact Online Scan and Recognize is made for today’s accountant. Your scanned receipts and invoices are automatically prepared in your records as entry proposals. Additionally, customers using Exact Online Starter can upload scans directly.

Renewed scan cockpit
With the new scan cockpit you can monitor the exact status of your uploaded scans :

  1. Upload: which purchase and sales invoices are uploaded,
  2. Monitor: what’s the status of the invoices,
  3. Check & book: the processed scans are offered as booking proposal.

Traffic Light System
You can add information to the entry proposals on the basis of a “traffic light system” and indicate which require additional attention :

  • The booking proposals with green button correspond to the master data so you can book them directly.
  • The ones with a red and orange button you should check for any missing information or abnormalities such as multiple VAT rates or an unknown bank account.

“Continuous monitoring” allows you to install additional controls and manage abnormalities.

Upload or e-mail documents
Uploading documents can be either via drag & drop, Exact Online Starter, PC, smartphone or tablet, Lyanthe’s portal as by mail.

Exact Online Scan and Recognize

Your benefits:

More than 7 times faster

100% accurate and integrated

Automatic generation of your digital files