Exerius Gateway

In addition to the primary functionalities of the Lyanthe Portal, the Exerius Gateway can be extended to a true single sign-on and customizable platform to launch and monitor any business process, task or application, off course all on a pay-per-use basis.

Plug in your existing applications and move them to the cloud without the burden of security, installation, support and maintenance.

Centralise and virtualise your organization and information, maximizing efficiency and communication.

exerius gateway


Send, receive and process invoices without manual intervention, in any format. Lyanthe extracts and converts the invoice data according to the recipient’s format.

Approval flow automation

Automatic forwarding of processed invoices into the right approval process.

Mailroom automation

Lyanthe collects all inbound information on one platform,automatically extracts and validates information and distributes it to its destination through electronic workflows.

Document process automation

Your data are extracted and converted into highly accurate electronic information, ready to be forwarded into the right business process or to be downloaded in your target system.

Data mining

Deliver data and receive information, in an understandable structure for further use.

Procurement processes

Monitor and control your spending activity and create an integrated process in which each activity feeds into another; from spend analyses, sourcing and industry reports to requests for information and quotation.

Software as a service

Pre-installed or on-demand applications, licensed on a subscription basis, covering various business needs and seamlessly connected with our business process services.

Lyanthe portal can also be integrated in your existing environment via web service API.