About us

Lyanthe is a vibrant and professional organization focused on the simplification and automation of accounting processes. Through the combined use of OCR software and manual control Lyanthe offers unique solutions to silently switch from paper to digital document processes.

Originated from the cooperation of a medium-sized accounting firm and an IT company, Lyanthe employs today approximately 70 professionals, from accountants and tax advisors to IT specialists and document analysts.

The complete digitization of your administrative processes and data with 100% accuracy, and with integrated output in your applications, is our goal. To achieve this inspiring challenge, Lyanthe combines its accounting and technological knowledge.

Meanwhile, we process annually several millions of documents for some of the largest international accounting firms, developers of (accounting) software and medium sized enterprises.

Given our online business model we operate worldwide and have clients across Europe, the US and Asia. The management operates from Europe and our customers’ data are processed on our Uniserver in Amsterdam, which is ISO 20000 certified. The Lyanthe Shared Services Center is located in Davao (Philippines).

At the request of our customers we have in recent years increasingly focused on the development of applications which integrate with our document processes, such as a document management system.

To meet this growing demand, we have decided in the summer of 2014 to establish a separate entity, Exerius.

Exerius offers the unique combination of a Shared Services Center and a Shared Software Center. Exerius you can find all possible solutions for the processing and management of documents and data, as well as a wide range of software applications.

As with Lyanthe you only pay-per-use, even for the development of custom solutions. This way Exerius goes a bit beyond the traditional “software as a service”.

All services and applications, can be accessed from a single platform, the Exerius Gateway.

In summary:

  1. Lyanthe remains your preferred partner for the processing of all your accounting information.
  2. Exerius is from today your partner for all your non-accounting processes and tasks, as well as for most IT challenges.

Whatever your challenges may be, we will treat them as our own!